Your favorite Dwarf-made

A month passed and Covid-19 still enjoying its rampage through continents, I bet you must have been quite dull staying home at this time. We’d like to offer you a warm close hug but due to the distance between our worlds, can’t. But it doesn’t mean the hug will never be delivered. With Albert XI’s amazing space experience, reaching your planet is just a piece of cake. However, receiving his hug is not that easy, you have to win his admiration instead. To do it, please read the contest below for more information.


General Information:

  • The contest will stay in 1 week (From 14/05 to 20/05)
  • Each participant can only join once on each platform.
  • The entry must be your own photo.
  • There will be 2 winners, one on each platform.


How to join:

  • Step 1: Take a picture of your favorite keycap(s), and make sure it’s made from Dwarves
  • Step 2: Upload it on your Facebook / Instagram account with hashtag #Dwarffactory #Dwarf_Challenge in public. (As you know, Albert is addicted to social media)
  • Step 3: Do anything to raise the “like” and “share”


Scoring method:

  • Like/reaction (no angry please): 1 pt
  • Share: 1 pt


  • The highest points picture on each platform will grant a Cyborg Albert XI as a gift.
  • Winners will be announced on each platform 2 days after the contest ends.


Enough for boring words, game on!