Dwarf Survey – your opinion matters!


Over the last two years, We – your Dwarf-fellows, have brought you the stories and the legends throughout our continent by our hand-crafted wonders: artisan keycaps. Since then, the distance between our border is shorter gradually by your warm support for our products – We do appreciate it. As we gain ground, we’ve recognized the importance of hearing from our beloved customers (We did, but now we expect more). Through screen-interaction, we may not seem friendly enough to make you open your heart comfortably. Trust us! That’s the last thing we want.

As a thoughtful and caring-for-customers team, no need to waste any more time because we have already created a “Dwarf Factory Super Duper Important Survey.” All you need is to click the form and let the beast inside you to make a rampage. For more information, scroll down, please!


Form: https://forms.gle/MnFWqNd6hepvLY4Y8

Form lasts until: June 1st, 2020

A surprisingly unexpected gift: Cyborg Albert XI for the luckiest entry.


Thanks in advance and good luck!