4 Common styles of Mechanical Keyboard Customisation

4 Common styles of Mechanical Keyboard Customisation


As a newbie, it’s so confusing with all of the keyboard, keycap, then keyset, and novelty. If you’re ready to build your first mechkey, but couldn’t shake a leg because you want to go with style, then this article will give you some ideas! There are certainly 1001 ways to customize your mechanical keyboard, and of course, we can’t list them all (sadly). But here are the four most common styles that every collector must encounter at least once in a while!

Let’s dive in!


The newbie: Basic decor on mechanical keyboard

One mechanical keyboard, and that’s it! That’s the description. If there is an artisan keycap on it, there’s a chance they bought the keycap first and realized they needed a keyboard for it.

So with one mechanical keyboard and a (few of) artisan keycaps, they discover the world of mechkey. They either have more keyboards and keycaps or are satisfied with what they already have with time. The former is OK, while the latter is good all the same! If I like plant and gun keycaps, then I can have Terrarium, Gaea’s Crown, Weapon Box – AWP, and be fine with all of the war vs. peace right on one keyboard.


Basic decor on mechanical keyboard


But I think most people will stick with the mechanical keyboard world for life by the second keyboard. And from there, they’re divided into three following categories.



The aesthetic pursuit: Story-based mechanical keyboard

No matter how many keyboards they have, from the layout, the color of the keyset, or the artisan keycaps themselves, all must follow the same concept. Be it the Eden garden, where every item they put on the corner of that week or month has a touch of green color. Or the mono concept of black and white, you rarely see an item that is otherwise. 

For example, Mint PBT from Matrix Keyboard or White-Mint Green Mixed keyset from M5RU will go so well with Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse (Mint) and Terrarium V2 (Bayswater). All have minty/turquoise colors.

Not just color, the historical events can be built on your keyboard. One of the most famous concepts for mechanical keyboards in the community is the moon and the Apollo landing. It’s almost everybody’s favorite and convenient to build, especially when we have SPACE:80 – Apollo keyboard from Gray Studio, the famous GMK Apollo if you want more options, the artisan keycap called Apollo from Dwarf Factory, and a deskmat that has the same name!


Story-based mechanical keyboard


The fun of this type lies in the journey of finding all the mechanical keyboard pieces you need to tell a story, which usually speaks a lot about you. And the satisfaction after the story is completed, imagine you took a picture of your work corner, imagine you shared it to the world and how people would react, but most importantly, imagine you working in that story every day. How neat is it?



The “I-have-it-all”: Mechanical keyboard huge fans

Quite contrary to “aesthetic pursuit,” the “I have it all” is literally Sharpay and Ryan singing and dancing about how they want it all, and in the style of Ariana Grande, “they get it.” No need to ask these collectors about the concept, the color, the theme, they look at some mechanical keyboard and keycaps, then fall in love, and just take it home. Sometimes, they even make keyboards and artisan keycaps for themselves if they feel like it.

Their keyboards usually radiate the flexing energy. They have all the excellent keyboards with beautiful artisan keycaps. Imagine you can find every Mystic Dragon keycap on one keyboard? How superior is that? Oh, maybe that feeling of being a dragon, the mythical creature guarding the treasure of the world? Definitely.


Mechanical keyboard huge fans




The cool kids

If the “aesthetic pursuit” is to tell a story, and “I-have-it-all” is to live to the heart’s content, then the Cool Kids may be a mix of the two mentioned above and even more than that.

I, personally, find these collectors so cool. It’s more like you look at them and their collection, you can’t help but admire them. Not only do they own many mechanical keyboards, but they also have them in style. 


become a cool collector


From their work corner, you can find the most common mechanical keyboard, artisan keycap from every brand, num pads, the rare custom keychain (artisan keyboard with one switch), and many more. And the way they put each article together makes their work corner look so cool. One glance, and you’ll feel like Alice in Mechanical Keyboard world.

After knowing the 4 Common styles of Mechanical Keyboard building, which type do you vibe the most? Or can you see a glimpse of your future self in this mechanical world? To be honest, though, I find all these kinds of collectors fantastic, so be whatever you want. Making this a healthy hobby or being so insane (and free) about it is lit simultaneously. I hope this small article will help you decide better how to build your keyboard, and we can’t wait to see your first build somewhere (be it your story or Reddit post, just tag Dwarf Factory).


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