Anura – Fruit Editions



Last time, we give you guys these little frogs in their natural habitat. Made you feel the nature, the peaceful whenever you touch or look at your keyboard.


After that, we receive a lot of good feedback from you guys, and a lot of requests to get those little – cute creatures. But if we run the same thing again, that will be not fair for who was waiting for these, for who that have these on their keyboard. We also don’t want to make who was miss last round on Massdrop disappointed.


So there is it, Anura – Fruit Editions is here

Colorful, sweet, sour and healthy. (Seriously we don’t know why we put these pebblestones next to dessert ._. )



This time, we bring to you guys 5 different Fruit.



Now live on Massdrop (click here)

Drop is ended. Thanks for your interested.