Come on, newbie! Choose your own artisan keycaps



Hey yo, keycaps maniacs! 

This article is for newbies who are interested in the keyboard world and expect to see pics of these really sexy keyboards with customized keycaps. 

What do you think about customizing your own keyboard with artisan keycaps instead of normal keycaps? Should you choose what type of artisan keycaps is? You are considering price, aren’t you?

Let’s find out! 



“They are too expensive!” – Is that you? screaming like this at that moment when you begin to choose artisan keycaps online? 

Of course! But the undeniable truth in this keyboard world is that you get what you pay for! And artisan keycaps are completely worthy of their values! 

Artisan keycaps are almost made-by-hand complicatedly for their specific construction. The process may be described as hand-sculpting, styling, casting, and finishing any keycaps with small details one by one in order to create something truly limited, unique and special for your keyboard.

The process begins with clay. Artisans will develop a clay mold in the shape of their choosing, then make a silicone mold of the design. The mold is then cast with resin to produce the keycap. 

This is an incredibly time-consuming method of production, in need of meticulousness and carefulness, that is why artisan keycaps fetch top dollar and have a limited quantity of each model on their own market.

The creation of artisan keycaps includes: 

  • Sculpting with clay
  • Casting molds to pour resin in
  • Mixing and pouring the resin
  • Curing the caps safely
  • Finishing touches

They are assessed to have a high level of art and invested a lot of efforts to complete until they reach lots of customers. 



As always, the majority of keycap maniacs purchase artisan keycaps from the online Marketplace like Taobao, Amazon, etc. Besides, they collect the rare masterpieces of artisan keycaps on many communities from like-minded people.

You can also purchase them on popular artisan brands as  Artkey, Dwarf Factory, ETF, Hungerwork, GAF, Jelly Key, etc.



Starting off, as you explore the wide world of keycaps and the Mech-Keys Community at large, remember that it’s all about customizing the keyboard to your liking. There’s no good or bad, right or wrong, low or high-cost keycaps. The keycaps you choose should feel and look good to you, nobody else, for a better user experience.

Artisan keycaps which are simply sculpted take less time to design resin that pours inside the mold. Practically, they have the lower price and easily to buy on the market, just $50 for highest.



It definitely sounds fancy when replacing your keyboard with high-level artisan keycaps for around $50 to $80, maybe up to $200, $300. 

Regarding the design of these artisan keycaps, it can be summed up in 3 things: too many details, so much time spending and astonishment. Moreover, many of artisan keycaps are covered by transparent plastic for the eye-catching and attractive appearance with complicated keycap designs.



Go ahead, give it a try and see how it turns out! Worldwide brands are manufacturing artisan keycaps with limited version, even sale for auction, or early order for a long time to get them on your hands. 

Artisan keycaps are also the things you can customize their board and add a personalized flair with different styles, colours, structures and even every details.