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I know right away when you click on this link, you & I are like-minded people. It’s fortunate to say that you’re in the right place to share the passion of Mechanical keyboard. Let’s go!



  • Sound strange but it’s true! For hardcore typists like ourselves, there’s no better feeling than finding out the most suitable keyboard, with the exact color to our liking, the colors & designs of different keycaps,  the weight in each switch, so on and so on… 

from https://www.cherrymx.de


Ridiculous you say? If you have been using an old rubber dome keyboard, well, it’s time to give mechanical keyboard a try and upgrade your gear! It won’t let you down I promise!


  • We look at our keyboard many times a day and usually we never wonder about how they work, why they look the way they look and the whole typing experiences don’t matter much. But it’s that magical moment, the first moment you randomly tried typing on a mechanical keyboard, you realize that it’s a whole different level! And what’s so funny about mechanical keyboard: You can customize it, play with it, and personalize it to your own taste. For some, there have been  awesome artistic experiences that you may have never seen with a normal lame keyboard.





Mechanical keyboard is a game that has no way out. You fall in love with the click and clack, the touch, the sound, the feel,… everything magical things come from the mechanical keyboard.

From @Brainbean

Don’t we all feel jealous looking at a sleek, beautiful, futuristic PC setup? Your mechanical keyboard is not only functional, it is the missing piece to your masterpiece. Many mechanical keyboard builders have embedded a touch of art to their work with different layout, different materials, crazy colors,…

All of these make up the craziest mechanical keyboard that we are craving for. So which one of these keyboards would you like?





Dwarf Factory is an artisan keycap factory for Mechanical Keyboard – a part of our life, our fountain of youth and simply our passion.

Dwarf Factory is also a community of artisans enthusiasts. We always want to get along with more and more keyboard/keycap maniacs like you so we can learn & get inspired from your game.

Each of our design collection is a creative journey. With a complicated process, all of keycaps which we created are unique and one-of-a-kind. We respect personalism in creativity, from conceptual drafts in hands to finished products is all meticulously and elaborately.

You are a fan of artisan keycaps, ain’t you? Let’s find out with us! 



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