How Dwarf Factory refined Kraken and turned it into an absolute legend with Kraken Absolut

In 2019, Dwarf Factory released an artisan keycap called “Kraken” for the first time. Three years have passed since, we have refined and improved the legendary design that was initially requested by a fan.

It isn’t too much to say Kraken is one of the most-loved keycaps from Dwarf Factory. After all, it was the idea from a fan. For context, the Kraken was born thanks to an enthusiast who requested an octopus keycap for his aquatic theme keyboard to be completed.

The fact that the octopus image is associated closely with wrecked ships and treasure, the Kraken’s design is the fastest one that we have ever done. Just one night, we were able to tell you an epic story in one small 1u- keycap with all the details, such as the octopus with tentacles full of suckers, a diver, a broken mast, an anchor, and even little gold coins.

In 2020, we refined the initial design once. Kraken Lite is a simpler version of Kraken. We focused more on the octopus by reducing mysterious smoke lines and the fantasy coloring. The feedback was marvelous. Some fans told us the Kraken Lite had more soul, and the eyes were ferocious. The design even won a voting contest against its biggest rival, Mystic Dragon.

We have to admit, we love Kraken to the point of continuous refinement. Over the years, while working and creating other designs, we’ve also spent time fine-tuning the sculpt. In the third year since the first release, we finally have a new Kraken to introduce. Please welcome, Kraken Absolut.

In this return, Kraken Absolut will once again put on the colors of the wildest fantasy dreams like Kraken, and a nightmare-like body of a true ocean monster like Kraken Lite. An evolution that retains the most beneficial characteristics so that our monster can conquer the deepest waters.

“The Evolution of The Deep Water”, a brief message that embodies the spirit and design concept behind Kraken Absolut.

At the first glance, Kraken Absolut carries the characteristics of a Kraken keycap. And unlike its peer – the Mystic Dragon, Kraken Absolutt is still a 1-u keycap, as the size is perfect for showing the composition of a typical Kraken keycap.

This is how a typical Kraken artisan keycap looks. Now in a new version: Kraken Absolut

All the characteristic details of a Kraken artisan keycap presents in the Kraken Absolut

This time, Dwarf Factory offers you 5 different colorways that were inspired by various topics.

First it was food; delicious sashimi gave us the idea for Vile Flame. 

The next color schemes were the colorful medical pills and themalgraphic; these concepts applied respectively for Noxious and Arsenic. 

The final theme, the most difficult one to achieve, was the bugs’ metallic sheen; Velvet Thunder and Abyss Scream, therefore, were more special than the rest with the glitter effect.

So what’s the difference that makes a Kraken Absolut?

It was the coloring technique. We applied more gradient colors on the octopus sculpt. Though it was much harder to pull off, the new colorways would give you a photogenic keycap, making a vivid point on your keyboard.


The gradient game is strong with Kraken Absolut.


The coloring process of the Kraken Absolut keycap is longer than usual, but it’s all worth it!

Coloring alone can’t make Kraken Absolut stand apart from its predecessors. The real game-changer is the subtle refinements on the surface of the sculpt. If you manage to look closer at the artisan keycap, you’ll see we have trimmed the top, making the octopus’s skin look rough and lumpy, and as real as possible.

Lumpy texture is enhanced so that Kraken Absolut becomes a realistic nightmare.

With the third improvement, we have here a Kraken Absolut, truly a legend from folklore. A magnificent sea monster with a ferocious look coated in the colors of fantasy dreams.

Once again, we invite you to dive into the world of Kraken, this time it’s the Kraken Absolut’s world. Just take the Kraken home, tame it, make it the only one for you, leveling up your “mechkey” game. 

Kraken Absolut is now available in our store. You can order now and won’t have to wait too long to receive it. Dwarf Factory also offers you the Pentakill and Tentacles bundles that would help you save up to $73. Don’t miss them out!