Never too late to know more about mechanical keyboards, and never too late to own an artisan keycap. It may be hard from the start, so that’s why we’re here to lead you through this tough time. Take out your pen & notebook, the first course begins: Starter’s survival pack.


What is “Artisan Keycaps”?

  • Artisan keycaps are keycaps with a special / strange-looking shape for decorating your keyboards. If you’re having a mechanical keyboard and looking for differences, artisan keycaps are must-have items.
  • There are many types of artisan keycaps on the market at the moment; With the aim of creating “tiny wonders”, the keycaps with clear cover are suited to us best.


What is the keycap’s profile?

  • If you google this keyword, you may see a lot of profiles there. Different profiles have different heights and give you different typing feelings. If you’re freshly new, we recommend you to stick with OEM, SA, and Cherry – these are 3 famous profiles that are being used by most of the people.

  • To make a satisfied feeling for our buddy when using our products, we use the form of SA and Cherry to make our keycaps. So if you use these types of profiles, it will be a perfect match for your keyboards.

Additional information: To make our keycap look cooler, we also create our own keycap’s profile with the same height as SA called: DOM.

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What material is an artisan keycap made of?

  • It’s based on the style of each maker. For us, to make our keycap as detailed as possible, we use paints and resins. The paint is for highlighting, giving a life-breath for the keycap; The clear resin is to create the height that matches the profiles and forms the environment inside the keycap. And with some more touches, our “tiny wonder” is done.


Can my keyboard use DF’s keycaps?

  • It depends on which switch your keyboard uses. The most well-known switch right now is Cherry MX switch so we base on that. With the wide use of the “+” switches, all of the artisan keycaps are made for MX switches only (Including ours).
  • So if you’re using the “+” switch; Yes! You could definitely use our keycaps. If not, sorry, we haven’t planned on making other switches’ stem yet

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Note: Switches that couldn’t use our keycap: Romer G, Topre, Alps, … 


The above info is enough for today, please don’t faint away this soon. The next part of the series will be uploaded soon so make sure you’ve already remembered all before the next one. Adios!

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