How to become a pro keycap collector part 3


Welcome back to the series: “How to become a pro keycap collector?” It’s been a while since we published keycap collector part 2, so I bet y’all have remembered the full information we provided (Hope so. But if it’s true, it touches my stone heart). Back to the main story, there won’t be any new knowledge to update today, just a few useful tips that we think you would love to know before going too deep in this hobby.

if this is your first time approaching the “HOW TO BECOME A PRO (DF’S) KEYCAP COLLECTOR” series? ours, please refer to it by reading part 1 and part 2 too.




As you may know, one of the Dwarf’s most precious talents is productive; we work harder than any races that exist throughout this infinitive universe. With the variety of species surrounding us, the idea of making new “wonders” is unlimited. Consequently, we could release more than one model each month. If things go on the right track, there will be about 20 models each year. Does that number surprise you?

You know, great power comes with great responsibility, also with a significant number of keycaps comes an ache of your wallet. So before ending months with dozens of instant noodles, the most important thing is to know what you love. First, answer the questions below:


  • How big is your pocket? (Even if you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, knowing this is still necessary right?)
  • Which theme are you into?
  • Which color would you like to have?
  • Will you think it suits your keyboard? (All will do for sure, our products are extremely dope – but I’m mentioning about the profile of the keycaps instead)
  • To prevent you from using bots to answer the questions for you, solve this math problem: 6 / 2(1 + 2) =?


Determine your own interest in becoming a keycap collector

There are plenty of colors for you




Once you’ve already known what you want, follow it to form the collection, which you will be proud of when showing off with your grandson in the future. But to make that vision come true, there are some requirements.

  • Pinpoint the maximum numbers of your collection: 6, 9, 12, 16, … is the great limit for starters. Don’t pass if you’re not ready yet. (When will you be ready? Up to you, friend)
  • Find a display case for your collections. You could look for an acrylic one or use a Numpad; both are great options. We don’t recommend using our box to keep them; our “gold” deserves to stay in a brighter place. (And people will be unable to admire them if you hide them like that).
  • If you are interested in the other keycaps, trade one of the keycaps you own, for it is also a great decision. You could add a few slices of meat in your noodle bowl at the end of each month.


create your collection

Don’t just focus on one single profile.




A 1U artisan keycap is excellent for display, we all know that, but for your keyboard? Mehh. The more you dive into this hobby, the more you realize that you want more than using artisans for top row only.

Have you ever thought of finding an enter/shift/space that could make your keyboard monumental? Imagine a dragon theme enter/space that perfectly matches with your 1U Mystic Dragon and both are mounting on your keyboard, how cool is that? Think outside the box, and you will have more ideas to decorate your beloved keebs. As we’ve already mentioned, we’re a hearing team that never want to disappoint our customers, so if you have any ideas (even an insane one), we’d love to hear.

Have you already known about 1U, 2.25U… yet? If not, read this article: Keycap Length


Long dragon keycap

How about some really long Dragon!!


We’ve shown you the road that most of the collectors have followed, but nothing is 100% right. If you have another way to be an awesome collector, feel free to follow your path. After all, we all will be the boys/girls in the backroom of this hobby. So this is also an invitation to become a pro keycap collector.

That’s all for today’s article, thanks for reading these lame words. Until next time my buddies!


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