Keycap Length And Things You Should Know

 what is keycap length


Hello newbies, this is the post for you who don’t really know anything about keycap length and just starting to “fall in love” with artisan keycap. If the one who is reading this already has a certain knowledge of this field, feel free to read it as an amusing experience. Okay, let’s get started now!


 types of keycap length



If you’re buying stuff from Dwarf Factory, you must encounter some new concepts: 1u, 2u, 2.25u, 2.75u, etc. But what the hell are…U?
↪Simply put, u is a unit that is used as measurement of a keycap. Like, when it comes to keycap length, you use ‘u’ [unit] instead of inches or millimeters.

But what makes up a unit? Based on what standard and who set the rule?
↪For a keycap to be put in the category of 1u, it must [I reduce 500 words on describing the shite when you can look at the diagram and it’s easier to understand]. Just look at the following picture:


standard unit of keycap

Real simply put: 1u-keycap’s cross-sectional area is no bigger than 2mm². And the 1u makes up the most in any mechanical k eyboard and layout, as you may already know.




When you have the 1u keycap as a standard, you’ll understand the 2u or 2.25. It’s just 1u x 2 or 1u x 2.25. My way of explanation may sound utterly stupid, but it’s really just that and it even makes so much sense. Look at the diagram below:


 keycap length for standard mechanical keyboard


There are various layouts where the spacebar’s size can vary from 6.0 to 6.5u, and the right shift button isn’t 2.75 (a rare case in my humble opinion). But most of the basic keycap will be the same. Remember these:

  • 2u keycap is Backspace
  • 2.25u keycap is Left Shift or Enter
  • 2.75u is Right Shift
  • 6.25u is Spacebar

layout of keycap length





It’s for your own good! The 1u-keycap is so common for any keyboard’s layout out there. You don’t need to know so much about the length to choose the keycap you want to buy. But knowing the length of the keycap will come in handy when Dwarf Factory releases keycaps whose length is bigger than 1u. We already have:


 types of keycap length



Keep all these numbers of keycap length in mind (though I know it’s hard, I suck at Math too)! You will be fine in the keycap world. Otherwise, you may get upset just because your brand new keycap can not fit your keyboard.

E.G: If your keyboard doesn’t have the same layout as SMK, that the Right Shift button is a combination of a 1u and a 1.75u keycap, then you can buy Weapon Box – AWP for the look, you can’t plug it into your keyboard sadly.

That’s enough for today’s lesson, see you in the next article!


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