Keycasaurus, a dream incubated since the beginning of time

There is this pride in releasing Keycasaurus, an artisan keycap in dinosaur theme, as we have been working on this design for 4 years. Whether you are a fan of “dino” or not, you’re going to love it!


How can one put an elephant inside the fridge? At Dwarf Factory, such a question has been changed into a more challenging version: How can one put a dinosaur inside an 1-unit artisan keycap? In fact, we have been working on the problem since the beginning of time, which is 4 years ago. And now, after a long time of making keycaps and utterly absorbing in dinosaur movies, we proudly present you the one and only Keycasaurus!

With the first set of Keycasaurus, Dwarf Factory offers dinosaur eggs of 4 species that we acknowledge via the blockbuster movies, or animation movies. They are T-Wrex, Razord, Hammerit, and Bumperboi, all in the fetus position neatly putting inside the hatched dino eggs. Each design carries the distinguishable characteristics of each dinosaur: short forelimb for T-Wrex, sickle-shaped claws for Razord, tail club for Hammerit, and spiked skull for Bumperboi.

Like many other artisan keycaps from Dwarf Factory, Keycasaurus is designed with intense details. But unlike other artisan keycaps, Keycasaurus was first conceptualized in 2018, and getting developed throughout 4 years, going through many, many changes and updates.

It goes like this:

The initial design was gore, bloody and yucky, in a standard form of keycap. We have an ambition to portrait the most realistic new-hatched dinosaur egg, which is still the main idea behind Keycasaurus. We have watched Jurassic Park (1993), especially the ‘Hatching Baby Raptor’ scene for so many times just to study the look, the shape, the baby dino (and for our own entertainment sake too).

Then it was all bony, lying neatly inside the narrow space of a keycap in the fetus position. We published it once on Jan 20, 2020, the sculpt was lying next to the Gnarly Drakon in an Instagram post. The inspiration for this change comes from a small part of our culture, the balut eggs.

We’ve got to admit that no keycap design cost us more time than Keycasaurus. The reason is our skill and production technology back then were somewhat limited. On the other hand, the previous designs of Keycasaurus didn’t really satisfy us in terms of concept, details, and artistic aspects. 

As hardcore fans of dinosaurs, who stayed up all night to watch every available dino movies and documentaries, we believe that a dinosaur keycaps must present the gruesome, the savage as dinosaur were the conquerors of the past Earth. Yet, the adorable side, the cute factor in the eye of the pet beholder have to display as well. We’re proud to say that we finally achieved both with the present Keycasaurus.

On top of the design, the color of Keycasaurus requires much time to bring it off. Currently, we settle down with 2 styles of colorways for each design. One is based on the old assumption that dinosaurs were green or brown like many modern reptiles, you may have seen these color schemes in the out-of-date science books. The other comes from a new discovery that dinosaurs may have vivid feathers as the modern birds, therefore, the color scheme is much brighter with red or azure.

Still, Keycasaurus is hard to chew until the very end. Since the design is highly detailed, consisting of many sharp edges (such as the eggshells, the tiny leaves, the skins of the dinosaurs, the small teeth and the claws), it requires an unshakeable hand to paint and shade the subject on the micro level, and the patience not to quit it whenever the artisan slipped their hands.

When everything is ready, it’s already summer. With the dinosaur blockbuster again ruling the cine world, we believe there is no better time to release this passionate project. As a result of 4-year working, we hope Keycasaurus will become a ‘dinomite’ on your keyboard, blasting the glorious past of dinosaurs on the current world and rocking your “mechkey” world with style and coolness!

Don’t miss out on the first Group Buy from Dwarf Factory after months. Don’t miss out on Keycasaurus!