Let’s pimp up your keeb with artisan keycaps


You just finished ordering your first keyboard kit and have been looking at all the artisan keycaps out there to add a little flair to your build. It is already a perfect idea, guys. 

Instead of paying too much money for your own artisan keycaps, as an awesome miracle, you can just DO-IT-YOURSELF! All will be based on your own designs, ideas and anything you want.

Right now, guys! Stand up and begin to work on it! Find out the way to create your own artisan keycaps! 



Begin by outlining some initial details on paper or laptop to get an overview how you do. Find out the unique inspiration from the world out there, whatever you can. Let’s draw or refer to the online available design draft for artisan keycaps. 



The first, review our previous article (link)  to know the whole process to create artisan keycaps. Then, it is time to prepare for a couple of things: materials and tools

Don’t worry about high startup cost, maybe it is not easy to get into for you in the very first time. You will need clay, sculpting tools, and a base on which to sculpt so that your outcome stays with specifications and actually fits on a keyboard.

You can just buy some basic sculpting tools from Amazon or online shops. As you are further along in your sculpting career, you can splurge and buy more high-end versions of the tools you use most.

Clay can range from playdough to professional grade polymer sculpting materials. However, most artisan makers either use Super Sculpey Firm, or Monster Clay, etc.



A cross-shaped stem on the switch’s slider into a cross-shaped hole within a cylindrical stem in the bottom of the keycap. This is often called a “Cherry MX mount” because it is found on Cherry MX switches..


Cherry MX keycap stems are really important and popular with artists to create custom keycaps. They are fit with any keyboard you purchase.


Are you ready to get your hands dirty with sculpting and casting?


You will need to get some mold-making silicone and it’s time to cast. Using clay to build your original pieces and let your hands for free. Casting with an easily constructible and destructible box to pour your silicone in, and it will effectively hold its shape as the silicone cures.


Then, you have to continue with casting and pouring. The main things you are looking for are the ability to color match and cure time. 


Finally, it is time for you to wait for curing and hardening. Make sure that your materials are stored at room temperature or higher, as colder temperatures can inhibit or altogether stop the curing process.


And after all in one, you’re done with your own artisan keycap artwork for the keyboard, the one and only, 100% personalized just for you.


And now! Let’s DO-IT-YOURSELF to hunt the treasure from the wild custom keycap world!