McWhale and Xpider, The Continuing Story of Space-themed Artisan Keycap

After almost a year of releasing McWhale and Xpider, Dwarf Factory continues the story of space exploration on mechanical keyboards with the new colorways.

Specification – Artisan resin keycap, MX switch Compatible, similar to SA Profile, LED backlit

Available Date – Group Buy from 10:00 AM (ICT), October 5 to 11:59 PM (ICT), October 11, 2022

Place to Order – Dwarf Factory’s Website, Worldwide Delivery

Price –  Xpider: $29, McWhale: From $55


The delivery will start in 2 to 3 weeks after the Group Buy closes.


In the previous launch (January 2021), the Dwarf Factory team told you a story of how we came up with the design of McWhale and Xpider, all following a storyline: McWhale, the whale-like spaceships voyage to space to find a new home for humanity. In every foreign world it’s been to, McWhale changes its colors to adapt to the new environment, and explores the newfound terrance on special spider legs, Xpider.


This October, we continue the story of space exploration on mechanical keyboards by coating new colorways for McWhale and Xpider. Each colorway is developed with the imagination that when a new planet is discovered, the McWhale and Xpider would change their skins, adapting to the new environment. We invite you to open your mind and let the imagination wander to the new territory such as: 

  • The mineral planet: with gemstones deposits of Sunstone and Heliodor, also the home of the rare Osmium, which is the most difficult colorway to achieve the silver shining metal effect.
  • The desert globe: with bird-like creatures like Hummingbird and engorge plants of Kactus.
  • The plasma sphere: where modern civilization exists in the color of UltraViolet and Infrared, as the whole planet is pure pink of Plasma.

For the whole detailed story in the dwarf’s point of view, check out here.


Again, all characters and events in McWhale story are primarily fictional. This is Dwarf Factory’s way to help you understand how we make artisan keycaps, from the sculpt design to the new colorways development. It’s a process filled with fun, excitement, and, sometimes, frustration. But it’s all worth it when you see the finished product meeting the set standard.




The way of McWhale and Xpider is simply summarized in one sentence: We become what we behold, the inanimate material and living sentient beings we’re surrounded with. Though the keycap and its accessory are originally based on sci-fi materials, the concept is to experience becoming in the end. Just like the way we have this hobby of mechanical keyboard and artisan keycap, we build the work corner to experience becoming, and thereby, to deepen our soul.


Dwarf Factory urges you to enrich your soul to your heart’s content, try new things, bring new McWhale home and let it refine the important part of your life.