MechKey Guidebook – Vol 1: What is Keycap Profile

what is keycap profile


Hello everyone, this section is for newbies who want to know more about keycap profile but don’t know where to start. Firstly, this is for hobbyist hitchhikers, you will traverse the world of MechKey, we want to keep you here a little longer. The manual covers a number of topics and topics mainly related to Dwarf Factory products and our content will appear randomly. Now, let’s start it right away!



What is Keycap Profile?

What is it? I don’t even know how to tell you, in English. All I can say is that a profile can tell you about the form and the height of a mechanical keycap.
A mechanical keycap varies from height to height and form to form, due to the vastness of keyboard types and mechkey’s brands.

So you must know about Profile; it’s a vital tip to build a full mechanical keyboard.

Look at the diagram to figure out what we’re talking about:


types of keycap profile

Too many profiles here, but first, let’s talk about SA and OEM, the most common profiles in the keycap world.



Keycap Profile: SA

  •  Form: Spherical
  •  Height: Around 16mm
  •  Type: Sculpted


profile keycap SA


From the Signature Plastic (SP), SA profile is the highest of all profiles. Its spherical form gives a kinda rounded look.

SA is a sculpted type, each row is a little bit different in height. A profile like this would help you know which keycap row you’re typing. The sculpted surface makes the whole keyboard look really curvy and satisfying.


Mechanical keyboard with SA keycap profile



Keycap Profile: OEM

  • Form: Cylindrical
  • Height: Around 12mm
  • Type: Sculpted


keycap profile OEM


OEM or Original Equipped Manufacturer is the most common profile of all. The form is cylindrical, flat on top, and a little shorter. Just like SA, OEM is sculpted.

Artisan keycap in SA and OEM profiles are all about height. We alter the form slightly for the sculpt inside presents better in your view, just as any artisan keycap maker would do.

Talking about this topic, let Dwarf Factory introduce you to a profile that was born for this aesthetic purpose. It’s new, original, and doesn’t come from any big keyboard company. It’s DOM, a creation from Dwarf Factory.


Mechanical keyboard with OEM keycap profile



Keycap Profile: DOM

  •  Form: DOM
  •  Height: 16.5 mm
  •  Type: Unsculpted


Keycap profile in DOM


DOM has the same height as SA-R1, the form is all rounded at the top to show off the artwork inside the keycap better, especially from the top view .



If you’re here for artisan keycap only, then every profile will work, especially DOM which can stand alone as a small artwork, a tiny snow globe. Since you’re new to a mechanical keyboard. Dwarf Factory recommends you should try on the most common profiles such as SA and OEM. These two have the most artisan keycaps, you can find your favorite from literally any brand, especially Dwarf Factory. That’s all you need to know about the keycaps profile and combining your choice with choosing a suitable KEYCAP LENGTH, we believe you will be able to choose the most suitable artisan keycaps for yourself

In the end, it’s all up to your needs and what you like. Just try and you’ll love it for life.


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