My friends – Typers! What is the perfect Switches for you?

Imagine: You call yourself a genuine gamer but using super-quiet linear keycaps designed for officers. May this express your own unique styles? I am not sure dudes!!

So, you want personal switches suitable for you? Worry no more and find out your Mr. Right right now!


Disclaimer: Although many people share the same thought with us, the opinions below are all subjective, not official statements from any manufacturers.



Remember that a good typist is defined by his typing speed & his accuracy! Be recognized and hired as an official employee as typists, you have to type at least 60 words per minute! Shock? So, how could we type faster?

The answer may “Practice makes perfect”! There is, however, a shortcut that saves your time. These are Linear and Tactile key switches that provide you a smooth typing experience that makes you feel 2 to 3 times more productive. 



As mentioned above, speed is the first and foremost thing to examine whether a typist is good or not. Tactile switches allow you to press half of a keystroke but to be kept informed of the success of the keypress via tactile feedback. This also means that you are 2 times faster than your counterparts who use a membrane keyboard. 

Moreover, continuously practice typing may hurt your fingers. Provided that you fall in love with a mechanical keyboard, don’t miss the Linear out for its bounce and sensitivity.

Importantly, some of the typists who work as an officer may worry that the click or clack feedback may interrupt their college focus ability. Fortunately, a rubber pad appears as magic to dampen the sound! Thus, non-clicky sound commonly found in this couple would eliminate that worry.



Loud, Speedy, Accurate!

Does that sound like a gamer to you? And who are you as below?

Type 1: Those who love communication 

Linear and Tactile are still ideal if you want to communicate with your team members or fans when gaming and streaming. The clicky ones are not highly recommended because of its clicky feedback which may prevent you from copying your comrades’ info!


Type 2: Those who love click and clack sounds

It’s extremely boring when competing in a game without any sound. That’s why the click-clack sounds seem like “mana” that makes the gamers hyped and determined to win the game. Clicky feedback is, at the same time, a signal showing that the players complete their keystrokes without effort to register the whole travel. Thus, the Clicky plays an important role in reducing time to win. 



It is an undeniable fact that both must be accurate and speedy. Hence, the clicky and tactile switches seem to be the ideal for coders and designers. This couple will allow you to register a keystroke with half of the press effort via tactile and clicky feedback. Besides, the perfect combination of clicky and tactile is a good solution for those who love click-click-click sound and tactile as well.



The answer is just a piece of cake – Depending on what you claim yourself!
If you are a fan of noisy sound, just use clicky meckey
You want a quiet atmosphere to work, let’s try tactile or linear
You want to break the rule? Just customize your own keycaps with artisan ones!
Well, guys! Have your own choices? There are no rules or frameworks for you to express yourself. So do the mechanical keycaps!