The Snoob Bear

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The Snoob Bear



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It’s not a mere Bear, It’s  Snoob Bear!

Hey, it’s me, Lancen again! It’s been a long time i haven’t showed up, you missed me? I do really miss you. I and my teammate has been working so hard to improve our product quality & work process, this takes longer than we expected. So, here i am today, proudly speaking that it’s all done.

We’d love to introduce our most recent work – The Snoob Bear. The most surprise thing of Snoob Bear is that it’s casted Bear, genuine 100% casting. You might be stuned about it, but hell yeah, we want to try something new before coming back with our most upcoming beautiful creations.

Once upon a time, there was a…. Ah damn, my bad habit. Last week indeed, my teammate asked me about our product category, our stragegy and so many other things. To take it seriously, im not so good at these these things, you know, im a story teller and i’d love keeping my mouth open all day long. Thinking about myself, i am a great Dwarf with damn good sense of humar, so why wouldn’t we have a series for it.

That’s how we Snoob Bear was born.



  • Snoob Bear is an idea about a Bear who tries to be cool with his hilarious jacket covering his neck, like a gangster, but actually bad at doing everything. You might mistakenly judge him just by his cool outlook with a confident smile on his face until you start talking to him. Do you want to meet him in person to see how snoob he is?

Meet Snoob Bear and have a great journey with him!




  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches
  • SA profile keycap R1
  • Height: ~ 1.5cm (0,46 in)
  • 100% resin casting
  • Designed by Dwarf Factory


  • 1 Sliding Kraft Paper Box
  • Snoob bear keycap
  • 1 User guide & manual
  • 2 rubber finger gloves

GroupBuy Info

  • Start date: August 17th
  • End date:  Aug 22nd
  • Estimated shipping date: October 5th


How to made Snoob Bear: It’s a 5 shots casting sculpt as follow:

  1. Casting eyes, nose and tape.
  2. Next is mouth and cover area around the nose
  3. Then, the whole head of the Bear is next target
  4. After that is Neckband of Cardigan
  5. The Jacket is the final shot

Designed by Artkey TM