Production Update and all you need to know about it!

In 2022, Dwarf Factory aims to improve the communication between you, our artisan keycap enthusiasts, and the dwarfs. And what could do better than the throughout updates about McWhale keycap?


As we’ve subtly informed you in the previous article about New Year and the 2022’s resolutions, the Production Update is one of the projects that Dwarf Factory wants to share with you. So tune in, on Monday (biweekly), we have some news for you.

Production Update, as its name suggests, will be a report on our production progress. Through this instant news, we hope to provide better communication with our customers about how Dwarf Factory works on artisan keycaps, designer toys, etc.

Now, let’s end the introduction and unpack the very first Production Updates from Dwarf Factory. And it’s all about McWhale the keycap, Xpider, and McWhale the Figure.


1. McWhale the artisan keycap

Your whales are being colorized. And actually, a small amount of McWhale is going through the grinding process. In case you didn’t know, resin grinding is an important stage in keycap production procedure, it helps make the keycap look clear and shining.


McWhale Sentry Artisan keycap McWhale Neonium Artisan keycaps McWhale keycap in grinding process

McWhale Sentry in the colorization

Neonium is ready to QC and gets packed

The grinding process in artisan keycap production. 



Only a few keycaps left are in the making, being detailed with a syringe filled with colored resin.


Base of McWhale keycaps McWhale artisan keycap in the making (detailing with colors)

The base of McWhale keycap

Detailing the resin keycap with a syringe


2. Xpider, the keycap accessory

In the production, there is this contradiction, which is almost ironic. That the more you produce anything, the faster the production will be for the next time. Therefore, Dwarf Factory takes more time to produce Xpider, the keycap accessory. It’s the first time we’ve done something like this.

Currently, we have a perfect set of 35 Xpider sculptures. They will be colorized in no time.


Dwarf Factory's Xpider sculpts in Quality Check Dwarf Factory's Xpider - Close up

Xpider sculpts in Quality Check.
If there’s an error, they will be eliminated and recycled.

A clear detail Xpider that passed the QC.


3. McWhale the Figure

The massive keycap shaped figure consumed more time to detail than any figure we’ve done. With new products comes new packaging, as always. Many lessons have been learned from Mystic Dragon the Figure, surely McWhale will have a better efficiency (in product and protection and cost-saving) packages.


Dwarf Factory's Figure - McWhale

The whale figure for McWhale the Figure. (No pun intended)

The bigger base, the more detailed to master.



In conclusion, do you have to wait for a nothing-new delay email from Dwarf Factory? So far, we’re confident that we can start to ship your keycaps, and figures on time, which is January 25, 2022. But as always, it may change due to the actual situation. So stay tuned for the next Production Updates!

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