Production Update – Your orders are on the way; McWhale The Figures needs a little more time.

Yes, your McWhale keycaps and Xpider are on the way to you!!! We’re so excited to see how they’ll look on your keyboard. McWhale the Figures need extra time to finish, though.

At the time of writing, we already have started to send McWhale and Xpider packages. So from Jan 25 onward, please pay attention to your email for tracking numbers and your mailbox. It could be about McWhale and Xpider.

McWhale artisan keycap

The McWhale artisan keycaps after the final Quality Checking


In case you missed it, we’re opening the Group Buy for McWhale’s peers: McCthulhu, McOogway, McMjolnir. Don’t miss out on the chance to own all of them and have yourself The Mecha collection. You can check the keycaps out.

Can you spot McCthulhu and McMjolnir amongst many McWhale keycaps?


Xpider only has 35 pieces for each colorway, but they took most production time. As mentioned in the previous update, an entirely new design will experience more extended testing and quality checking.

Xpider, colorized Xpider's variance adjustment Xpider assembly

Quality Check the color of Xpider

Xpider’s variance adjustment, so the base and the keycap fit perfectly.

Xpider assembly


Finished Xpider after the strict Quality Check


In the case of McWhale The Figure, we will need a little more time to finish all the figures. Therefore, there will be a delay in shipment.

McWhale's base - Dwarf Factory McWhale The Figure - Dwarf Factory
The finished base of McWhale the Figure The figure’s surface in the final polishing process


We are in the process of perfecting the LED effect of McWhale The Figure, intending to give you the most perfect product experience. The testing process shows that this feature has a lot of room to develop properly. We, therefore, ask for your understanding of this delay. Please wait a little longer, your product will be delivered as soon as possible. On that account, plus the Lunar New Year holiday starting next week, the new estimated delivery date is Feb 28.


Come to talk about the Lunar New Year, some orders will experience a delay from Jan 25 to Feb 6 if they belong to the following cases:

  • The packages are registered with VN Post delivery
  • The packages will go the countries and territories such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines


It’s because we’re about to enter the longest holiday of the year. The Post is currently overloaded and has stopped receiving parcels since Jan 23. The delivery services will resume as usual from Feb 7 onward. If you use DHL or FedEx, rest assured that your package is en route. We have sent an email about this; please check your inbox for more details.

For any inconveniences, Dwarf Factory would like to apologize and send you the dearest thanks for your understanding of this circumstance. We are going to keep you updated if there is any change.

Please do not forget to take pictures of your McWhale when it arrives and share the joy with us. We’d love to see how well it’ll look on your keyboard.


Till the next update, stay tuned!


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