Rasta Jardin and Rasta Fuego, special Terrarium V2 keycaps for 420

Terrarium V2 keycap

April is here. It’s time to celebrate 420 as a keycap buddy. Dwarf Factory offers you two new Terrarium V2 artisan keycaps, Rasta Jardin and Rasta Fuego.


Specification – Artisan Resin Keycap, Cherry MX Compatible, DOM and SA-R1 Profile

Available Date – April 5, 2022

On – Dwarf Factory’s Website, Worldwide Delivery

Price – Disclosed on Rasta Jardin and Rasta Fuego page

The delivery will start from April 15 onward.


Dwarf Factory is bringing the beloved Terrarium V2 back and making it even better by releasing new exciting designs and colorways which are Rasta Jardin and Rasta Fuego. As the names suggest, the new keycaps are a celebration of 420. 

With a signature pot design from Terrarium V2, the holy herb of the Rastafarians is well planted with intensive details. Both Rasta Jardin and Rasta Fuego will make your keyboard look like a dope garden, honoring the greenery spirit of this April 20. Dwarf Factory offers 2 profiles, DOM for your observation of the keycap and SA-R1 for the smooth blending of the keycap in the keyboard. 

Especially, Rasta Jardin and Rasta Fuego will be available on April 5 and get shipped to you after the order is placed. Get the keycaps as soon as possible to celebrate 420 on time!

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A 420 update! Dwarf Factory has prepared a collection of “high” quality wallpapers for you to change the phone’s background, and have an in style celebration of the day! Check them out and go rave!” A collection of “high” quality phone backgrounds