TERRARIUM – The Everspring Wonder

“The Dwarf Factory I know is a cool team which is always making great mystical keycaps with legendary creatures and fanciful environments.” – If this is what you think… cheers, you guys know us so well (But don’t forget to insert the handsome phrase when describing us, heheh). As you noticed, Terrarium wouldn’t match any style we’ve followed for all these years. The reason is very
simple: our table lacks green.



We – the dwarves, even if we’re not close to nature like Elf, we’ve also earned a lot of gifts from Mother Nature. So as a thanks to “her” (and as an apology to the plants that I forgot to water), Terrariums are created to contribute more green to the world.



Why “The Everspring Wonder”? All succulent plants can live in a harsh environment, it just needs a few water for months to survive. “Everspring” means it will stay with you forever, and won’t die even if you forget to take care of it. And about “Wonder”? That’s what we are doing, making “tiny wonder”.

Earth Day has just passed and we could not launch the product on that day, but, who cares? As long as you think about nature, every day is Earth Day.


Eager to have one?