The DWARF Tournament: Decide the next restock!

What’s up, amigo!


Let’s start with a small question: Are there any keycap models you want us to restock? According to the requests we’ve received recently, the answer must be “yes!”. But, we couldn’t just bring back more than 20 models, which would eat us a bunch of time and delay the release of the new models (I bet you don’t want this for sure). That’s why we here to announce the new contest: “The DWARF Tournament.”



Common Information / How to play:

  • The DWARF Tournament is a battlefield where 16 Dwarf Factory’s models compete to get the biggest reward: Restock!.
  • The contest will be held via Instagram Story and use its voting function to find the winner of each match. Participants will vote for the models they want us to restock.
  • There are four rounds: Knockout (8 matches); Quarter-final (4 matches); Semi-final (2 matches); Final (1 match).
  • Each match stays in 24 hours. The result and the winner of that round will be announced after 1 hour.
  • Besides voting each match, participants can also predict the result of that round to get the extra prizes by replying to our story with your predictions.



  • Two weeks (From May 24 to June 10) / 15 matches/ 4 rounds: 1 match per day.



  • The champion will be restocked in a limited quantity (100-200 pieces)



  • THE PROPHET: One keycap in the upcoming restock and a 20% discount voucher (Max: 30$) for a random one who participates and picks the winning side in all 15 rounds.
  • THE DWARF’S ENTHUSIAST: A 20% discount voucher (Max: 30$) for a random participant who joins all 15 rounds.
  • THE SEER: A 10% discount voucher (Max: 20$) each round for a participant who guesses the soonest and correct result. (E.g: Mysticdragon – 60%).
  • THE SOOTHSAYER: A 10% discount voucher(Max: 30$) for a random participant who guesses the champion correctly. Only comments before quarter-final counted. (E.g: Mysticdragon)

Note: Discount codes that are provided in this contest can only be applied for the upcoming restock sale.


Noticeable terms:

  • To keep the game fair, predictions after the story is 24 hours old won’t be counted.
  • Participants can only join once per match. 
  • The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes.
  • Lancen (it’s me) has final decision-making authority on all matters.


Don’t miss the chance to gain the power to demand us to restock your favorite keycap. Call your teammate now, because the contest is coming real soon!