The making of Panzer

The making of Panzer – war machine



Shrink it – minimize the war machine onto your keyboard.





Using 3D sketching software, our artists at Dwarf Factory are trying their best to make it more realistic.




Make it. Test it. And choose the best option to put into production.



Hand Painting

Using Vallejo acrylic paint. We add camouflage color to our war machine.


Put it into battlefield

It’s time to go. We put our war machine on the battleground and stick it there.



Secure it and make it shine

We cover it with resin to capture the moment. Then polish it, make it clear and shine.



Now, It’s yours!

The Panzer is ready for battle.
With 5 different camouflage for you to choose.


Get your own panzer here

Thanks for your interested…