What is DOM and how is it generated?

 what is DOM profile


From the most  common keycap profile like SA, OEM, and Cherry, to the rare DCS, DSS, KAT and KAM have always been plat on the top. Then there’s a black sheep called DOM, with the top is all-round and only available in the height of SA R1. While others were created to fit perfectly with the keyboard, the DOM profile breaks that rule, and opens a whole new era of artisan keycap!


Gaea's Crown artisan keycap in DOM profile


Then there’s a black sheep called DOM, with the top is all-round and only available in the height of SA R1. While the profiles of a keycap were created to fit perfectly with the keyboard as a whole, DOM profile breaks that basic rule, and opens a whole new era of artisan keycap!

Yeah, that’s totally exaggerated. We didn’t open any new era or anything. Every keycap profile was created for some reason, a purpose, or a solution. DOM, too, has its own mission.




First thing first, a simple declamation: DOM is designed by Dwarf Factory.

The idea of DOM profile comes from a basic need: how to make artisan keycap, the see-through keycap in particular, more appealing to the eyes. And the need was there long before its birth, brewing since the days we worked up the design of Apollo.

Inherently, Apollo is different from its previous peers under the brand of Dwarf Factory. Focus on landscape view, it depicts the biggest historical event of humanity in the 21st century. It was intended to have one profile at the beginning: SA R1. However, the profile’s shape with a spectacular curve on the top couldn’t deliver the best image of that special sight. From the top angle, the image will be distorted.

To fix this, one of the skillful staff came up with an idea, flattening the top surface of SA R1 and making a whole new profile. We called it DO, same height with SA R1 and flat on the top.

The result was outstanding. The image is delivered from every angle. The picture of Apollo in the DO profile was in the top trending of Reddit. The praise from keeb collectors keeps flooding throughout the sale periods.


Apollo artisan keycap in DO and SA profile


The compliments changed us as a whole. To be honest, we were hesitant to go full on the improvement since all the keyboards and keysets have the flat surface. A strange new form could break the even look of the whole keyboard, it wouldn’t be as satisfying. The feedback, however, shows that there are as many people just loving the landscape inside, even spending time to find any possible Easter eggs. Some even suggested we should make a necklace out of the keycap.


Apollo artisan keycap in DO and SA profile




The Apollo’s effect encourages us in many ways. Sometimes, you gotta be bold, and we decided to rock the world of artisan keycap and mechanical keyboard with an upgrade for DO, cue DOM.

DOM or DOMe, also known as Dwarf Original Marble, has the top looking like a dome, and a whole keycap looking like a marble or snow globe. We can’t say the round top is an improvement from the keyboard perspective. It looks lost among the flat top keycaps. The touch at the fingertip isn’t really pleasant. But DOM is definitely a solution for another kind of satisfaction, aesthetic pleasing.


DOM also known as Dwarf Original Marble


With DOM, we can deliver the landscape design and side effects the best. You can look at it from the top and still see the whole sight easily without much changing in its original form.

The height of DOM equals with SA R1’s. This helps the keyboard look as level as possible. Plug one or two DOM profile keycaps on the keeb, you can call it a nice decoration. And to ensure the typing feel, the width is also the same with SA profile. By that, we reduce the weakness of this profile and give you the snow globe that can be put on favorite keyboards.

the way df generate DOM profile


DOM is first introduced in The Lighthouse. With the memory of grandpa’s story, the fantasy whale side by side with the lonely lighthouse, The Lighthouse in DOM profile is truly a picture of nostalgia. As if you can hear a music box sound from those old snow globes. 

DOM reached its peak effect with Happy Hippo. And so the compliments flooded, some said they love looking into the keycap and immerse themselves in that small world. That when we decided to keep DOM as a permanent option.


Dwarf Factory's artisan keycap DOM profile


And that’s all the characteristics of DOM(E) compared to other keycap profiles. Then we see other keycap makers also offer the DOM profile too, we know this design has an impact, even though it’s small. Still, DOM finally earned its place in the world of artisan keycaps. So that’s the story! All started with an inconvenience and a compliment. DOM was made by Dwarf Factory, and it was made for you!



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